Jul 212012

Hanalei is small, quiet resort town located on the North Shore of Kauai.  It only has a population of 480 people so it is one of the smallest and probably most peaceful villages in all of Kauai.  There is a diverse collection of people that do live in this little town, and these include locals, tourists, surfers, and artists among others.  This town sits right on the Pacific coast making it a popular resort area and home to several champion surfers.

Hanalei is well-known for being the background of many movies and this helps to offer a bright history and culture for residents and tourists.  There are several historical sites and art galleries for everyone to visit. Shops featuring fashion, art, and many other things line the main street in town.  Restaurants available in the town include many cuisines which include island delicacies.  This town also has some of the best beach on the entire island.  Locals tend to go to the westernmost corner of Hanalei Bay to enjoy the warmer and calmer waters.

Some common activities in the area include gathering at Hanalei Pier to go fishing, swimming, or to dance to the music in the evening.  There is also the Hanalei Community Center were locals and visitors will go to check out the regular ukulele concerts.

Real estate in Hanalei can vary  with prices being as low as $500K to well over $4 million.  The average sales price of homes is recently at $500K.  Condos are available at resorts such as Hanalei Colony Resort with a two-bedroom starting at $500K.  REOs, foreclosures, and short sales can also be found in the area.  These can be found for as little as $200K, but are sold “as is” so they may need a lot of work to bring back to life.

Hanalei provides a truly Hawaiian lifestyle, and is a great little town to call home.  This area with an amazing tropical background can change the way a person thinks about vacation, and can make people want to relocate the moment they get here.  The area is small but it has a diverse group of residents, a great history, and beautiful scenery all around.  It might end up being more than a great vacation spot after people come to visit.

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