Jul 212012
Waikiki beach at night, Waikiki, Honolulu.

Vacations in general may be expensive, but a Hawaii vacation can become very expensive, especially for a big family. The Hawaiian Islands are a popular destination for people around the world. The beauty of the islands can only be compared to being close to paradise. However, paradise comes at a price, and the more tips for saving money on a Hawaii vacation the better. By making a few adjustments and incorporating some money saving tips, a family can make the best of their Hawaii vacation.

One of the most unnoticed expenses is meals. Sometimes there are vacation packages, which include breakfast, but if breakfast is on you, the best deal is to avoid the pricey hotel breakfasts and meals. Eating at the hotel coffee shop instead of the restaurant is an alternative, so is eating outside the hotel, especially where locals eat. Another solution is to buy some breakfast items at a convenience store. A couple can easily save more than $300 in hotel breakfast cost only.

Scavenge for coupons that you can use in Hawaii. Look at the airport, vacation magazines, local magazines and newspapers, online, and the entertainment book. This can save you some money that adds up.

Car rental can become expensive, especially gas since you will be cruising around a lot. Opt for economic gas saver models instead of fancy cars. Booking ahead will save money. Avoid valet parking when possible, park your own car, and save money.

Do plenty research before you go. There might be activities that you will want to try that are offered by different companies. Compare prices and services for the best deal. If you are planning to scuba dive, compare the different businesses in the area and take advantage of the best deals.

When booking vacation packages compare many deals as well. Compare separate options to packages to realize your true savings. Use frequent flyer miles if you have them.

One thing that families do not realize is that they do not have to stay at a hotel. Apartment rentals, condo rentals, vacation home rentals may save money. Doing some of the quick meal preparation there, will save money as well.

Learn and get to know Hawaii free activities, which locals enjoy. Those could be hiking, visiting the parks, a zoo, and others. Many times the entrance to places might be a donation to help care for the place and will cost a couple of dollars. Think like a local and save money on entertainment.

A successful and economical vacation relies on research and planning ahead of time. Giving yourself time to learn about choices and deals is key to saving money on a Hawaii vacation rentals.

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