Jul 212012


Construction works at a prefabricated house

Deciding to buy a newly constructed home can be one of the most important decisions in your life. And having your own new home may be better if you’re the person that doesn’t like to inherit another person’s worn out carpeting or furniture that has seen better days. There are lots of newly built homes for sale out there. So, it is important to choose the one that you like best. There are a lot of things to be considered if you’re looking for new property. So before you make a firm decision, keep in mind these important things to consider before buying your new home.
1. Use a good and reliable Realtor. Hiring an agent is very important in purchasing the right home for you. Homebuilders often try to manipulate and monopolize a transaction with a buyer. They give only the attractive incentives, that is if you agree to use their title company, their lender, and what not. A Realtor can help you with this. Just a slash from their sword and you are protected from those persons dogging your footsteps. An experienced Realtor that has dealt with a lot of builders has already established a good relationship. So when they work together for a buyer, the least these homebuilders would do is leave a bad image. This will make homebuilders behave at their best, because these do not want to risk having a bad reputation in the real estate community.
2. Don’t sign anything until you’ve settled every detail and read the contract. Understand the details and remember that everything said and done is written in the contract
3. Inspect your new property. This is a very important matter to consider. You’ll never know, you might find a construction flaw just months after moving in into your new home. Keep in mind that a house is built by human hands. No matter how good a reputation a builder may have, it is not impossible that he can commit mistakes. To make sure there are no mistakes, get a licensed inspector. This person can provide the most thorough inspection and leave you peace of mind knowing that there are no flaws, or they’ve been corrected at least.
4. Builders that have succeeded in their field are likely to become corporations. When this happens they throw in other offers like delectable incentives and such. And one more thing they might offer is using their lender. You might want to think twice with this. Higher rates and closing costs are just two of the many problems that come with agreeing to use their lender. There will be times when the builder will lose sight of the nature of his job, which is building and selling homes. And at one point, you might find yourself with no other choice but to agree. When this happens, walk away. Just taking a dreadful loan is bad enough. What more when you have to pay thousands of dollars for your house in the future?
5. Choose the right builder. There are good and reliable builders out there. There are steps to be taken in protecting builders’ neighborhoods and building new property. Research or ask your Realtor if your builder follows these steps.

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